It was way back in 1979 when I got my first set of Technic SL-B1 Turntables and Gemini Mixer for Christmas. Thanks to my mom who saw a passion in me for music. Every since them, I began Dj'ing! Back then all we had was vinyl and if you were claiming to be a Dj then you had better prove yourself!

I grew up on Boston, MA where things were good but often tough and I had to really prove that I had the skills necessary to be a Dj. ! Music and creativity was my outlet and I prevailed. By 1981 I was one of Boston's best Dj's and worked with groups such as the New Edition, and Benzino just to name a couple of today's legends. 
I played many school gyms, house parties, block parties, weddings, and nightclubs. In fact, to many to list.. In 1989 I moved to New York to pursue my dream of becoming a radio disk jockey. My tenure lasted from 1992 through 2005 on college radio station 88.3 WVCR The Jam Connection, Jamz 96.3, and Kiss 102.3 FM Stations in the Capital Districts Upstate Market. 
It's now 2019 and 40 years later and I've done it all. Local, National, and International. But it doesn't stop there. My most recent venture is in the internet radio market where I established the commercial free radio station 247 Urban Hit Radio. I can be heard around the world 24/7, 365 days a year playing the hottest hip hop, rnb, old school, and indie music. 
You can tune in at